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Live, Love and Laugh

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

Why This Inspirational? . .

During my battles through radiation, chemotherapy, doctor visits, depression and hopelessness seemed to attack my mind on a regular basis, I smiled with people, spoke all the positive Christian words, had the right attitude of hope but inside I was struggling.

God sent Anita one of the most joyful, happiest and upbeat laughing person I now. She refused to allow me to sit still and waddle in self sorrow and pity. Anita would get on the phone and call her mother, Ms. Tama Harris, who is also a cancer survivor herself and they both would make me smile and think beyond what I was feeling. I thank God Still today Anita makes me Live life, Love self, others and Laugh.

Hello my name is Malcolm Bernstine and I am excited to introduce myself to you. I have been preparing for 4 years to launch my blog. Here are a few areas of focus we will begin the blog with based on personal experience.

1. Surviving Divorce: the unexpected, shame, hurt, loneliness, fear, anger, depression, choosing a counselor, the children, financial failure, from friends to enemies, stop blaming, moving on, letting go, saying no.

2, Surviving stage 4 cancer: depression, chemotherapy, radiation, surgeries, feeding tubes, hate, anger, fear, medication mixtures and the bad side effects, prescribe medication addiction.

3. Marriage and Ministry: making sure God has called you to both, learning to communicate with God and spouse.

4. Renovating Your Character: How to handle sin that Satan keeps sending, how to stop living a life of a lie, sexual addiction, the secret sins that keep sinking you.

WE ARE GOING TO HAVE A LOT OF GOD GLORIFYING FUN...get ready I have been there and I have the unconventional answer that work.

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